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Guitar Music Theory

Oct 15, 2021


Today, I want to talk about my latest book, Beginner Guitar Primer: Everything You Should Know BEFORE You Begin to Play Guitar.

There are a lot of guitar books available to teach you the basics of playing guitar, but there aren’t many to explain what the process is like and how you should get prepared to take your first steps.

This is where my book comes in. It’s not a beginner guitar method. Instead, I talk about what you can expect during the learning process, how to get in the right state of mind, and what you need to know about the guitar’s role in music. I also explain how to select the best gear to start with, whether or not you should begin on an acoustic or electric guitar, and whether or not you should read music.

People often dive straight into playing guitar without knowing enough about what they’re getting into. As a result, they make mistakes, get confused and frustrated. This hurts their progress and can even cause them to quit. I wrote Beginner Guitar Primer so that newcomers can avoid these mistakes and get on the right track right out of the gate.



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